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Below is a List of Top 10  Free Android Medical Applications for Doctors and Medical Students.

1. Medscape

Download From Google Play Store

Medscape is the leading medical resource most used by physicians, medical students, nurses and other healthcare professionals for clinical information.
Used by over 2 million registered users.


– Medical news and critical alerts available in 34 specialty areas (updated daily). Select the specialties you want to follow. 
– Search our entire Medscape News and MEDLINE databases right in app. 
– Ability to save and email articles, share articles on Facebook, and read offline. No Internet connection required.
– Prescribing & safety information for 8,000+ brand & generic drugs, OTC drugs, and herbals & supplements 
– Drug interaction checker (input up to 30 drugs, herbals and/or supplements at once) 
– Save commonly searched drugs to a personalized ‘saved’ list for easy access 
– Special features include pill images, detailed drug pricing, pregnancy & lactation guidelines, and more

2. Epocrates

Download From Google Play Store

More than 1 million active members, including 50% of U.S. physicians, rely on Epocrates to enable better patient care by delivering the right information, right when it’s needed.
Healthcare professionals worldwide use Epocrates routinely to:
-Review drug prescribing and safety information for thousands of brand, generic, and OTC drugs
-Check for potentially harmful drug-drug interactions among up to 30 drugs at a time
-Select national and regional healthcare insurance formularies for drug coverage information
-Identify pills by imprint code and physical characteristics
-Perform dozens of calculations, such as BMI and GFR
-Access timely medical news and research information
Disease information, alternative medications, lab guides and more clinical tools and content are available by upgrading to an Epocrates Essentials subscription.

3. Skyscape

Download From Google Play Store

The Skyscape Medical Resources app is used by more than 2.5 million healthcare professionals (HCPs) to access the medical resources they know and trust at the point of care. This valuable decision-support tool helps physicians, nurses, students and other HCPs find the right answers, right away.

• The free Skyscape app comes loaded with a valuable package of medical resources, including drug information, medical calculators and clinical information on over 850 topics.
• You can purchase any of more than 600 premium resources in 35 medical specialties and access all of them from within this one convenient app. 
• Robust features include SmartLink™, Skyscape’s proprietary cross-reference functionality; medical calculators; algorithms; interactive images; flowcharts; and frequent content updates.
• RxDrugs: Comprehensive information on thousands of brands and generics, with interactions (including multi-drug analyzer tool), pill images and over 400 integrated dosing calculators. This resource also includes formulary information covering 5,000 health plans in all 50 US states.
• Archimedes: Medical calculator with more than 200 interactive tools, organized by specialty.
• Outlines in Clinical Medicine: Evidence-based clinical information on hundreds of diseases and symptom-related topics, presented in convenient outline format.
• MedAlert™: In-context and specialty-focused journal summaries, trial results, breaking clinical news, drug alerts and other information, fully integrated with the app’s global search and SmartLink.

4.Quick LabRef

Download From Google Play Store

Quick LabRef for Android (Quick Clinical Laboratory Values Reference) provides quick look at the up-to-date information on the most commonly used clinical laboratory values and other useful relevant information such as lab data in Microbiology, Physiology / Pathophysiology, Toxicology and etc. Normal values reference are provided in both Conventional Units (CU) and, whenever available, in units of the “Sistème International” (SI).

5. Calculate by QxMD

Download From Google Play Store

Essential tools in General Practice, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, Obstetrics, Nephrology, Hematology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Respirology, and more.

“We recommend medical users try the free Calculate by QxMD first…”
-from iMedicalApps review “The best free Medical Calculator apps for the iPhone”
‘Calculate’ is focused on highlighting tools which are actually useful in clinical practice and serve to impact diagnosis, treatment or determining prognosis.
Helping you make decisions, not just calculate numbers…
• Developed by a collaboration of clinician experts from diverse backgrounds
• Converts recent research publications into practical handheld tools – knowledge translation at its best
• Automatically adapts to your self-described clinical practice
• Unique ‘Question Flow’ technology gets you answers, fast
• Detailed references with Pubmed integration
• Comprehensive and insightful results
• Elegant design and intuitive interface
• SI and Conventional units
More than 150 Unique calculators and Decision Support tools
While too extensive to list them all, here is a small sampling of included content:
Reduce and predict perioperative complications
• WHO Surgical Safety Checklist
• Predictive models for cardiac surgery and coronary angiography
Guide treatment
• Determine cardiovascular risk and guide lipid treatment using the Framingham and Reynolds Risk Scores
• Use the CHADS2 score to guide treatment in atrial fibrillation
• Better understand the risk of bleeding from anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation
• ACS using the TIMI risk score
• Burns with rule of 9s and Parkland formula
• Hypernatremia (calculate water deficit)
Determine Prognosis
• Heart failure
• Lymphoma
• Myelodysplastic Syndrome
• Myeloma
• Glomerulonephritis
• Hemodialysis
• Pancreatitis
• Chemotherapy based on Body Surface Area
• Carboplatin based on AUC
• tPA in acute stroke
• Phenytoin in renal failure and hypoalbuminemia
• Ideal body weight, BMI and BSA
• Due date and gestational age
• Extensive formula used in echocardiogropathy and invasive hemodynamic monitoring
• Kt/V in dialysis patients
• eGFR with CKD-Epi, Cockcroft-Gault, and MDRD
• A-a gradient
• Angina (CCS)
• Congestive heart failure (NYHA)
• Head, neck, ankle and knee injuries
• DVT and PE
• Pulmonary nodules
• Lung cancer
• Renal cell carcinoma
• TTKG (transtubular potassium gradient) in hypokalemia and hyperkalemia
• Dermatomes
• Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia
• Infective Endocarditis
• Autoimmune Hepatitis

6.Speed Anatomy Quiz Free

Download From Google Play Store

How fast can you point to your liver, gall bladder or incisor? Do you know the difference between the auricle and the utricle? Speed Anatomy is an addictive game that tests your speed and challenges your knowledge of human anatomy! It is the most fun anatomy quiz out there. Don’t use boring flashcards when you could use Speed Anatomy!

-Contains close to 300 labeled parts from all the main regions of the body.
-Earn points for precision and speed.
-A magnifying glass appears when holding your finger on an image allowing you to achieve more precision and higher scores.
This games is fun for everyone plus it makes life easy for those tackling anatomy for high school, university or even medical school. Practice mode allows you to learn specific regions without doing all the previous levels.
Contains 28 levels including an overview of bones, muscles, arteries, veins, respiratory system and digestive system also more detailed levels covering bones, lungs, pharynx, larynx, nasal cavity,oral cavity, dentition, liver, pancreas, brain, auditory system and visual system.
Also try Speed Bones MD, Speed Muscles MD and Speed Angiology MD for more in depth levels of bones, muscles and the circulatory system in the best anatomy quiz format!

7.Prognosis : Your Diagnosis

Download From Google Play Store

– Top medical app with over 1,500,000 downloads ! 
– Featured in Discover Magazine as ‘Dr House for Doctors’ 
– Winner of the prize for the Best Health App at the World Summit Awards for Mobile Apps, 2012 
– Selected as “One of the five best apps for Doctors” by the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSE)
Want to get the gist of a clinical case study in 2-3 minutes? Try Prognosis : Your Diagnosis – The first and only free Android game that lets you investigate, deduce and diagnose complex clinical cases within minutes with our fun, interactive cartoon-style narrative.
Prognosis is specially designed for Doctors, Medical students and Nurses and each case helps to learn or recall two or three key clinical points that can be applied in your practice.
The cases also provide excellent preparation for the USMLE Step 2 CS, COMLEX, NCLEX, CCRN and MCAT exams, as well as other board examinations and professional licensure tests.
You can use it while waiting for coffee or on the bus, quickly complete a case, learn something new and make the maximum use of your time.
The content is modeled on real life patients, has been checked by a panel of expert medical specialists and is based on current management guidelines.
A new case is added each week. The app will let you know as new cases are added

8.Visual Anatomy Free

Download From Google Play Store

Visual Anatomy Free is an interactive reference, and education tool. Now it include a rotational organ 3D overview model!! It contains 58 high-resolution images and more than 300 feature points which can be interactively selected. Each feature has its own label and short description. The app also has search function which can be used as searching the labels of all feature points. 8 overview images from Gray’s anatomy. Full version has all 1247 images.
In additional, a quiz with 23 multi-choice questions also is included.
This app’s primary use is as a learning tool but can also be used for any professional who needs the occasional reminder. Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas to their patients or students – helping to educate or explain conditions, ailments and injuries.

•Support English and French (Français) languages.
•muscle description (ORIGIN, INSERTION, NERVE, ACTIONS).
•Tap and Zoom – Pinch zoom into and identify any region, bone or other feature by tapping on the screen. 
•Quiz mode – test yourself with an option to switch off the label of the feature point. 
•Quick Navigation – jump to a different system or organ by selecting the thumbnail. 
•Multi-choice quiz. 
•High-resolution images.
•Free periodic updates.
Organ 3D, Muscular System (anterior, posterior and lateral views), Skeletal System (anterior, posterior and lateral views), Circulation System,Body Region,Heart, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Urinary System, Nervous System, Female and male Reproductive Systems, Ear Structure, Nasal Cavity, Eye.
The user is presented with a high-quality anatomy images. The user can zoom in to any area by tapping on the zoom in button and using the single finger panning function. The feature point (cross) can be selected by tapping on it. Detail button allows you to switch on/off the short description. For muscle section, detail button only show the description. Quiz mode button allows you to switch on/off the label and short description.

9. PubMed Mobile

Download From Google Play Store

Search PubMed database with over 21 million citations for biomedical articles and life science journals
Keyword search with options
Save search query
Save citations
Email citations
View abstract
link to full article if available
Post a comment for an article to public
Write a note to yourself
View public comments for an article
search by PubMed ID, just enter the id in the search box
Pro version has more feature. Please give a try

10. Ob (Pregnancy) Wheel

Download From Google Play Store

Calculate dates of pregnancy:

-Last menstrual period (LMP)
-Estimated date of conception
-Weeks gestational age (WGA)
-WGA obtained by ultrasound
-Estimated due date (EDC)
-Adjust length of cycle and luteal phase
-Store multiple patients for easy retrieval

CREDIT GOES TO—- MEDICONET BLOGSPOT- Visit their blog for more medical articles and videos-That’s if you are a medical profession or a student



At the Doctor’s Office-En el consultorio del médico (ehn ehl kohn-sool-toh-ryoh dehl meh-dee-koh)

Basic medical terminology.


Our doctor’s/pediatrician’s                   Nuestro médico/Nuestra médica; name is . . .

                                                             Nuestro/Nuestra pediatra se llama…

                                                            (nwehs-troh meh-dee-koh/nwehstrah meh-dee-kah;

                                                             nwehs-troh/ nwehs-trah peh-dyah-trah seh yahmah…)


His/Her phone number is . . . Su número de teléfono es… (soo noomeh- roh deh teh-leh-foh-noh ehs…)


(Name) is allergic . . . Es alérgico/alérgica… (ehs ah-lehr-heekoh/ ah-lehr-hee-kah)


 to aspirin. a la aspirina. (ah lah ahs-pee-reenah)


to antibiotics.                                           a los antibióticos. (ah lohs ahntee- byoh-tee-kohs)

to bee stings.                              a la mordedura de las abejas. (ah lah mohr-deh-doo-rah deh lahs ah-beh-hahs)

to dust.                                      al polvo. (ahl pohl-boh)

to grass.                                  a la hierba. (ah lah yehr-bah)

to peanuts.                              al maní/a los cacahuetes. (ahl mah-nee/ah lohs kah-kah-wehtehs)

to perfume.                          al perfume. (ahl pehr-foo-meh)

to pollen.                         al polen. (ahl poh-lehn)

to shellfish.                     a los mariscos. (ah lohs mah-reeskohs)

I’m sick.                          Estoy enfermo/enferma. (ehs-toh-ee ehn-fehr-moh/ehn-fehr-mah)

Please call the doctor.        Llame al médico, por favor. (yah-meh ahl meh-dee-koh pohr fah-bohr)

I have to go . . .            Tengo que ir… (tehn-goh keh eer…)


to the doctor’s office.              a la consulta del médico/de la médica. (ah lah kohn-sool-tah dehl meh-dee-koh/deh lah mehdee- kah)


to the hospital.                                 al hospital. (ahl ohs-pee-tahl)

Additional words that you may need include:

Allergy     la alergia (lah ah-lehr-hyah)

antidote       el antídoto (ehl ahn-tee-doh-toh)

appointment       la cita (lah see-tah)

contagious     contagioso (kohn-tah-hyoh-soh)

doctor        el médico/la médica (ehl meh-deekoh/ lah meh-dee-kah)

nurse             el enfermero/la enfermera (ehl ehnfehr- meh-roh/lah ehn-fehr-meh-rah)

office hours     las horas de consulta (lahs oh-rahs deh kohn-sool-tah)

patient           el/la paciente (ehl/lah pah-syehn-teh)

prescription      la receta (lah rreh-seh-tah)

remedies         los remedios (los rreh-meh-dyohs)

specialist           el/la especialista (ehl/lah ehs-peh-syahlees– tah)

vaccination          la vacuna (lah bah-koo-nah)

waiting room          la sala de espera (lah sah-lah deh ehspeh– rah)

wound                    la herida (lah eh-ree-dah)


Parts of the Body

Las partes del cuerpo

(lahs pahr-tehs dehl kwehr-poh)

ankle    el tobillo (ehl toh-bee-yoh)

arm     el brazo (ehl brah-soh)

back     la espalda (lah ehs-pahl-dah)

blood     la sangre (lah sahn-greh)

brain     el cerebro (ehl seh-reh-broh)

cheek    la mejilla (lah meh-hee-yah)

chest      el pecho (ehl peh-choh)

chin      la barbilla (lah bahr-bee-yah)

ear         la oreja (lah oh-reh-hah)

elbow     el codo (ehl koh-doh)

eye        el ojo (ehl oh-hoh)

eyebrow     la ceja (lah seh-hah)

face       la cara (lah kah-rah)

finger     el dedo (ehl deh-doh)

foot         el pie (ehl pyeh)

forehead     la frente (lah frehn-teh)

hair      el pelo/el cabello (ehl peh-loh/ehl kahbeh– yoh)

hand      la mano (lah mah-noh)

head      la cabeza (lah kah-beh-sah)

heart     el corazón (ehl koh-rah-sohn)

hip      la cadera (lah kah-deh-rah)

inner ear    el oído (ehl oh-ee-doh)

knee     la rodilla (lah rroh-dee-yah)

leg       la pierna (lah pyehr-nah)

lip         el labio (ehl lah-byoh)

mouth         la boca (lah boh-kah)

nail             la uña (lah oo-nyah)

neck             el cuello (el kweh-yoh)

nose           la nariz (lah nah-rees)

shoulder         el hombro (ehl ohm-broh)

skin          la piel (lah pyehl)

stomach       el estómago (ehl ehs-toh-mah-goh)

thigh        el muslo (ehl moos-loh)

throat         la garganta (lah gahr-gahn-tah)

toe          el dedo del pie (ehl deh-doh dehl pyeh)

tongue        la lengua (lah lehn-gwah)

tooth         el diente (ehl dyehn-teh)

waist         la cintura (lah seen-too-rah)

wrist         la muñeca (lah moo-nyeh-kah)


Los síntomas

(lohs seen-toh-mahs)

I have . . .            Tengo… (tehn-goh…)

chills.               escalofríos. (ehs-kah-loh-free-ohs)

a cough.                        tos. (tohs)

diarrhea.            diarrea. (dyah-rreh-ah)

dizziness.                      mareos. (mah-reh-ohs)

an earache.                dolor de oído. (doh-lohr deh oh-ee-doh)

fever.                      fiebre. (fyeh-breh)

gas.       gases . (gah-sehs)

a headache.       dolor de cabeza. (doh-lohr deh kah-behsah)

indigestion.        indigestión. (een-dee-hehs-tyohn)

phlegm.                  flema. (fleh-mah)

a rash.              una erupción. (oo-nah eh-roop-syohn)

a sore throat.  dolor de garganta. (doh-lohr deh gahrgahn- tah)

a stomachache.       dolor de estómago. (doh-lohr deh ehstoh– mah-goh)

I am . . .          Estoy… (ehs-toh-ee…)

anxious.                   ansioso. (ahn-syoh-soh)

depressed.             deprimido. (deh-pree-mee-doh)

dizzy.                  mareado. (mah-reh-ah-doh)

exhausted.            agotado. (ah-goh-tah-doh)

nauseous.             mareado. (mah-reh-ah-doh)

nervous.           nervioso. (nehr-byoh-soh)

out of breath.            sin respiración. (seen rrehs-pee-rahsyohn)

tired.                  cansado. (kahn-sah-doh)

weak.                    débil. (deh-beel)


to cough                  toser (toh-sehr)

to faint                 desmayarse (dehs-mah-yahr-seh)

to get dizzy           marearse (mah-reh-ahr-seh)

to sneeze            estornudar (ehs-tohr-noo-dahr)

to vomit               vomitar (boh-mee-tahr)


Las enfermedades

(lahs ehn-fehr-meh-dah-dehs)

acne      el acné (ehl ahk-neh)

asthma        el asma (ehl ahs-mah)

bronchitis         la bronquitis (lah brohn-kee-tees)

chicken pox           la varicela (lah bah-ree-seh-lah)

a cold         el resfriado/el catarro (ehl rrehs-fryahdoh/ hl kah-tah-rroh)

constipation       el estreñimiento (ehl ehs-treh-nyeemyehn– toh)

diabetes        la diabetes (lah dyah-beh-tehs)

flu             la gripe (lah gree-peh)

measles     el sarampión (ehl sah-rahm-pyohn)

mononucleosis        la mononucleosis (lah moh-noh-nookleh- oh-sees)

mumps        las paperas (lahs pah-peh-rahs)

pneumonia       la pulmonía (lah pool-moh-nee-ah)

rubella            la rubiola (lah rroo-byoh-lah)


Las recomendaciones

(lahs rreh-koh-mehn-dah-syoh-nehs)

In order to get better, you    Para mejorarse, Ud. debe… (pah-rah

must . . .    meh-hoh-rahr-seh oos-tehd dehbeh…)

stay in bed.       guardar cama. (gwahr-dahr kahmah)

take care of yourself.        cuidarse. (kwee-dahr-seh)

Here is the prescription.      Aquí tiene la receta. (ah-kee tyeh-neh  lah rreh-seh-tah)

You have to take . . .        Tiene que tomar… (tyeh-neh keh tohmahr…)

antibiotics.             antibióticos. (ahn-tee-byoh-teekohs)

antihistamines.             antihistamínicos. (ahn-tees-tahmee– nee-kohs)

antacids.                  antiácidos. (ahn-tyah-see-dohs)

aspirin.                   aspirina. (ahs-pee-ree-nah)

cough syrup.        jarabe para la tos. (hah-rah-beh pah-rah lah tohs)

penicillin.                 penicilina. (peh-nee-see-lee-nah)

tablets (lozenges).               pastillas de…. (pahs-tee-yahs deh…)


He/She has to take the Tiene que tomar la medicina… (tyehmedicine . . . neh keh toh-mahr lah meh-dee seenah…)

every X hours. cada X horas. (kah-dah… oh-rahs)

once a day. una vez al día. (oo-nah behs ahl dee-ah)

X times a day. X veces al día. (… beh-sehs ahl dee-ah)

X times a week. X veces a la semana. (… beh-sehs ah lah seh-mah-nah)

in the morning. por la mañana. (pohr lah mahnyah– nah)

in the afternoon. por la tarde. (pohr lah tahr-deh)

at night. por la noche. (pohr lah noh-cheh)

between meals. entre comidas. (ehn-treh kohmee– dahs)

before breakfast/ antes del desayuno/del almuerzo/

lunch/dinner. de la cena. (ahn-tehs dehl dehsah- yoo-noh/dehl ahl-mwehrsoh/ deh lah seh-nah)

with food. con comida. (kohn koh-mee-dah)

after meals.  después de las comidas. (dehspwehs deh lahs koh-mee-dahs)




Los accidentes

(lohs ahk-see-dehn-tehs)

Many of the verbs used to talk about accidents are reflexive verbs. For


to break    romperse (rrohm-pehr-seh)

to burn  quemarse (keh-mahr-seh)

to cut     cortarse (kohr-tahr-seh)

to fall        caerse (kah-ehr-seh)

to hit    golpearse (gohl-peh-ahr-seh)

to sprain  torcerse (tohr-sehr-seh)


What happened to him/her?     ¿Qué le pasó? (keh leh pah-soh)

He/She broke his/her . . .         Se rompió el/la/los/las (part of body)

                                                  (part of body) (seh rrohm-pyoh ehl/lah/lohs/lahs…)

He/She has a(n) . . . (part Tiene el/la… (part of body) (tyeh-neh of body). ehl/lah…)

broken                   roto (rroh-toh)

burned                   quemado (keh-mah-doh)

infected                 infectado (een-fehk-tah-doh)

swollen                  hinchado (een-chah-doh)

twisted                   torcido (tohr-see-doh)

It is necessary . . . Hay que… (ah-ee keh…)

to bandage the wound.     vendar la herida. (behn-dahr lah eh-ree-dah)

to clean the wound.       limpiar la herida. (leem-pyahr lah eh-ree-dah)



Medical Equipment and Devices

Los aparatos médicos

(lohs ah-pah-rah-tohs meh-dee-kohs)

band-aid                               la curita (lah koo-ree-tah)

bandage                                la venda (lah behn-dah)

cane                                     el bastón (ehl bahs-tohn)

cast                                       el yeso (ehl yeh-soh)

crutches                              las muletas (lahs moo-leh-tahs)

stitches                                los puntos (lohs poon-tohs)

thermometer                       el termómetro (ehl tehr-moh-meh-troh)

wheelchair                          la silla de ruedas (lah see-yah deh rrweh-dahs)




In an Emergency

En una emergencia

(ehn oo-nah eh-mehr-hehn-syah)


Call 911. Llame al 911. (yah-meh ahl nweh-beh ohn-seh)

The address is . . . La dirección es… (lah dee-rehk-syohn ehs…)

Call the police. Llame a la policía. (yah-meh ah lah poh-lee-see-ah)

There is a fire at . . . Hay un fuego en… (ah-ee oon fwehgoh ehn…)

Call the fire department. Llame a los bomberos. (yah-meh ah lohs bohm-beh-rohs)

Someone has robbed the house. Alguien ha saqueado la casa. (ahlgyehn ah sah-keh-ah-doh lah kah-sah)

There has been an accident. Ha habido un accidente. (ah ah-beedoh oon ahk-see-dehn-teh)

He/She is . . . Está… (ehs-tah…)

bleeding. sangrando. (sahn-grahn-doh)

choking. asfixiándose. (ahs-feek-syahndoh- seh)

dizzy. mareado. (mah-reh-ah-doh)

suffocating. asfixiándose. (ahs-feek-syahndoh- seh)

unconscious. inconsciente. (een-kohn-syehn-teh)

vomiting. vomitando. (boh-mee-tahn

He/She can’t breathe. No puede respirar. (noh pweh-deh rrehs-pee-rahr)

He/She has . . . Tiene… (tyeh-neh…)

a burn. una quemadura. (oo-nah kehmah- doo-rah)

convulsions.     convulsiones. (kohn-bool-syohnehs)

a rash.     una erupción. (oo-nah eh-roopsyohn)

A dog bit him/her.  Un perro lo/la mordió. (oon peh-rroh loh/lah mohr-dyoh)

He/She fell into the pool. Se cayó en la piscina. (seh kah-yoh ehn lah pee-see-nah)

I need an ambulance. Necesito una ambulancia. (neh-sehsee– toh oo-nah ahm-boo-lahn-syah)

Here are some words that can be shouted in an emergency.

Be careful! ¡Cuidado! (kwee-dah-doh)

Fire!      ¡Fuego! (fweh-goh)

Help!     ¡Socorro! (soh-koh-rroh)

Hurry up!    ¡Dese prisa! (deh-seh pree-sah)

Listen!     ¡Escuche! (ehs-koo-cheh)

Look!     ¡Mire! (mee-reh)

Police!     ¡Policía! (poh-lee-see-ah)

At the Dentist’s Office

En el consultorio del dentista

(ehn ehl kohn-sool-toh-ryoh dehl dehn-tees-tah)

Nowadays, going to the dentist is not the unpleasant experience it used to be.

Here are some words and expressions related to dental care:

baby teeth                                      los dientes de leche (lohs dyehn-tehs deh leh-cheh)

brace                                                     el corrector (ehl koh-rrehk-tohr)

cavity                                                            la caries (lah kah-ryehs)

dental floss                                                el hilo dental (ehl ee-loh dehn-tahl)

dentist’s office                                          el consultorio del dentista (ehl kohnsool toh-ryoh dehl dehn-tees-tah)

filling                                                       el empaste (ehl ehm-pahs-teh)

gum la                                                      encía (lah ehn-see-ah)

wisdom tooth                                            la muela del juicio (lah mweh-lah dehl hwee-syoh)

Ouch!                                                        ¡Ay! (ah-ee)


to brush your teeth               cepillarse los dientes (seh-pee-yahr-she lohs dyehn-tehs)

to extract a tooth                  sacar una muela (sah-kahr oo-nah mweh-lah)

to fill a tooth                         empastar una muela (ehm-pahs-tahr oo-nah mweh-lah)

to have a toothache               tener dolor de muelas (teh-nehr dohlohr deh mweh-lahs)

to hurt                                   doler (ue) (doh-lehr)

Eye Care

El cuidado de los ojos

(ehl kwee-dah-doh deh lohs oh-hohs)

Here are some words and expressions related to eye care:

contact lenses                los lentes de contacto (lohs lehn-tehs deh kohn-tahk-toh)

eye doctor                      el oculista (ehl oh-koo-lees-tah)

eyeglasses                     los anteojos (lohs ahn-teh-oh-hohs)

sunglasses                  los anteojos de sol (lohs ahn-teh-ohhohs deh sohl)