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1. Hacker :- The Hacker is one of the Security w0rm of Computer, who search for Vulnerability (Vulnerability means Weakness Point of any Program or web application) and Explode it for his Popularity, Profit or warn someone like (Government). Basically Just Hacker word is for Black Hat hackers, All Black hat hackers considered as a Cyber Criminal until they do Cyber Crime such as Defacing websites, Stealing data, Exploding Bank data’s and I-llegal Contenting in Word Wide.
Hacker’s earn in their own way from Internet Marketing service or working for Cyber Hacker’s group such as Anonymous, Lulz Sec or Null/Crew etc.
2. Security Professional :- Security Professional is one of the higher and Greater Security Master, no one is higher then Security Professional, Basically Sec Pro Work for Cyber Space Investigation Department or he search for Vulnerability and solve it to Prevent and Care System. In India there are very less Sec Pro and Cyber Crime in India is increasing day by day, that’s the reason Indian Cyber Space require education in Computer Security.
In today’s generation Indian Cyber Space Demand’s of Security Professional and studies in Computer Security.
In Simple words Security Professional have complete knowledge of Computer Security even more then Black hat hacker’s.
3. Security Researcher :- Security Researcher is also called a White Hat hacker, Security researcher are real Hero of Internet. They search for Bugs or Vulnerability in Website and report it to admin or Cyber Space Investigation Cell. Security Researcher just report the vulnerability and Security Professional Fix the vulnerability and writing of Exploit Code, Security researcher basically are hired by many IT’s Company to save their data and prevent hacking.
4. Certified Ethical Hacker :- CEH is the base of the Hacking field which give you 3 option to become in your Life :-
1.Black Hat
2.Security Professional
3.Security Researcher
And that’s all depend upon you in which field you want to make your future carrier.
All beginners hackers and learner have to start with CEH and get ceritified. It’s just a base to enter’s into HACKING WORLD
{Hacking is an Art it’s depend upon you whether to save the world or do Crime.}