6 Useful #Websites to Learn #coding as a #Beginner to #Expert.

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Uncategorized


#1. w3schools
W3schools is number 1 as it helps beginners to learn
code from A to Z.
All You need to do is just go to W3schools and select a tutorial of the language you want to learn, then
take a cup of coffee and start learning.
No skills required.
You will learn > HTML/ CSS (HTML5/CSS3), Javascript, PHP, ASP, XML, AJAX, jQuery


#2. Codecademy
Codecademy is a best alternative to W3schools,. with Codecademy you can learn any language and start programming in a funny way.
No skill required.
You will learn > HTML/CSS, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Python, Ruby


#3. Code avengers
Same as Codecademy, Code avengers provides an easy to use platform and its a funny way to code and gain experience.It comes with 3 Levels that a user have to pass them to become a full expert. No Skills Required
You will learn > HTML/CSS (HTML5/CSS3), JavaScript


#4. CodeSchool
Codeschool provides you a
very easy to use interface, Design, and not much unwanted text.
No skills required.Language you will learn > HTML/CSS, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, iOS


#5. TeamtreeHouse
Teamtreehouse is very
similar to Codeschool which provides you simple and easy way to learn Coding.
No skills required. Languages you.Will learn HTML/CSS, iOS,. Android, WordPress


#6. Dreamincode
Last one is Dreamincode,
many developers and
programmers have taken
their knowledge from
Dreamincode.  The only
thing is the interface is a
bit boring and plenty of
text as well.
No skill required Languages you will learn> C++, Java, VB, VB.net, C#, PHP, ColdFusion,
Thats it, Try these Sites to
enhance your coding knowledge, Very usefull For



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