#Encrypting #emails

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Uncategorized


Why Should we use encrypted emails?

We all know that the big
corporation people can read each and every one of our emails and we can’t do nothing about it. There are huge amount of people that filed cases against Gmail,Yahoo, and Hotmail because they have been reading peoples emails. There is no complete privacy while you send a email or receive one.
All the big corporation have bots that look for phrases or words that they want to find more information about. They have this things searching the emails all day.


What should I do?

Well I have made a list of
email websites that have their emails encrypted or you can have the words encrypted.


1) HushMail –> it’s one of the most popular. You sign up and you get an account you. can send encrypted e-mails from. If the recipient hasn’t an HushMail account it will be asked to respond a secret question you decided. If the answer is correct then he/she will be able to read the email.

2) Enigmail –> it’s a free
extension to the email client Mozilla Thunderbird. In this case you have to install it and select “encrypt this message” in the writing box.
Obviously it’s not necessary to sign up for a new account, you use the one you have already.

3) Lockbin –> it’s an online
service you can send encrypted emails from. Just click “Start Now” to start composing a new message, and then set a password to protect it. The recipient will receive an email from Lockbin in which he/she will find a link that leads to a Lockbin HTTPS page. In this page he/she will have to type in the password to get the email.

4) Encipher.it –> it’s the most quick and simple system that protects emails with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It’s a bookmarklet and requires the recipient to have it too.

5) Last but not the least: send a .txt or .doc file in a ZIP/ RAR password protected archive as an attachment.



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