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Website Hacking #Hacks

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
  ————————-WEBSITE HACKING———————-

Its the very first step when a true hacker thinks of hacking a website … though all of us know the steps involving the in the hacking the website, most generous steps are as follows :

♦First, He (hacker) makes an image of entire website on his local pc
♦Second, He then browse the information and checks the places where the logs are being noted and also he scan the website for vulnerabilities ..
♦Thirdly, using various tools and methods (depending on how website is hosted) he gains admins credentials..
♦Forth , he defaces the website (or does what else he want to do)

—-Download entire website in BACKTRACK to browse it offline—–

So here I’m posting how to download the entire website using the famous tool HTtrack

Those who dont have HTtrack, can install it by running this command in terminal
apt-get install httrack

It comes pre-installed in kali-linux but not in backtrack

So here we go to start website copying !

♦Step 1 : Open a new terminal and type “httrack” (without quotes) so that HTtrack starts.

♦Step 2 : You will be asked to give your project a name … give whatever you want.

♦Step 3 :Again you will be asked to give base path , its the path where you want to save the entire website.

♦Step 4 : Now, enter the url of website which you want to copy
for eg. if you want to copy
then please type this

You can enter multiple websites at a time by saperating them by commas..

♦Step 5 :Its step where you will set action .. since we are mirroring website our action no. is 1. so type 1 and then Press Enter.

♦Step 6 :One should use proxy if he doesn’t own that website !
So you should type proxy in the following format :

Press Enter

♦Step 7 :If you want some specific files you can define wildcards..
not defining wild card will download the entire website..
press enter.

♦Step 8 :Additional options. If you want it type help and use those options there . For this time I’m not selecting any option press enter

♦Step 9 :So the last step , confirm all the information and press Y and then enter so the mirroring will start.. !

♦NOTE:Since, in terminal you are not provided with the percentage coping done or anything else..If you want to check whether website is downloading or not you can check it by refering to the folder size in the properties of the “<projectname>” folder in the /root/website directory !

♦NOTE:If you want to stop and resume it again after sometime so close terminal directly and next time when you start , follow the procedure again and give the same information as you gave in past when HTtrack asks.. It will automatically resume your website downloading.


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