Transfer Blogger to WordPress without leaving any post

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Uncategorized


Hello again,Today I will tell you how to transfer your blog hosted on blogger to wordpress.It is a very easy method and the best thing is no post will be removed :).So I hope you had understand what I am gonna show yo, so let’s start.

Follow my step by step guide:
1. Log in into Blogger.
2. Go to Edit Html.
3. Download the whole coding and save it on your desktop.
4. Log in into WordPress.
5. Go to tools (at the left).
6. Click on import.
7. Click on blogger. Before clicking make sure yo have logged in into blogger.
8. Click on authorize.
9. Click on Grant access.
10. Click on import.
11. After the completion of the process, just set the authors.
12. Open your WordPress hosted blog to see all your previous posts.
1. I recommend you to remove the posts from previous blog otherwise material will become copyrighted.
2. There’s some type of error in this process that’s why yo can import posts only once from on blog, second time posts will be skipped.
3. Your previous domain will not be shifted.

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