Bypass Paypal Payment Option Download Application For Free,,

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Do You Ever Wanted to Download
Premium Things like Software
Music Or anything..?
I Guess “Yes”….
Because Internet Is Going To Be
A Big Market For Sellers And
So Guys Today We Will Show
You How To Download Premium
Applications which Have A
paypal Payment Option..and All
Is That Is Absolutly Free By
Using A small HTML Hack. 🙂
When you are using this PC trick
use a proxy to hide your ip
address as some sites will record
your ip when you connect to them
for security.
To Hide Your IP address..Use
Hide My IP[U can get it from
Now Follow These Steps :
1) Right click your mouse (ctrl
+click) view source and open the
source of the site in an a text
2) Search for the word return“”
3) Next to it you can find the url
for the thank you page
4) Copy the url and paste it in
your browser and you will see the
download link
This works only if you can
download instantly after payment,
it will not work if the link needs
to be emailed to you.
Use this PC trick and start
download your application
without filling you Credit Card
detail. Enjoy.. 🙂


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