How To Use USB Flash As Ram In Pc???

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

You might have noticed that your computer (window vista and xp) runs so slow while working on it, this might be as a result of low Ram space or
large programs being utilized. Today you’re on the path to learn how you can use your Flash Drive as a Ram to boost
up the speed of your Pc. Many don’t know the  software with the name “eBoostr” while few know about it but not knowing what it’s used for. eBoostr is a computer software that allows you use your USB Flash Drive as a Ram. To learn how you can turn your USB Flash Drive into a Ram just follow the steps below :

1. You have to download the eBoostr Software which comes as zip, Unzip and Install it. The Software being a Trial Version only allows you to use it for about 5 Hours at a go. Like wise the purchased version the trial version never expires but denies you the option of using it as long as you wish like the purchased version. So if the trial version stops working after 5 Hours, all you have to do is just restart your Pc and start using it. You can download the free Trial version of eBoostr here . http:// m/ eBoostr/3000-18512_4-107 81844.html

2. After Installation Reboot your computer when ask to, Don’t Ignore the Notification.

3. After your PC is been Restarted, Insert your USB Flash Drive then Open the eBoostr Software that you earlier Installed on your PC.

4. In the Program eBoostr window, Go to Edit -> Add New Cache Device, select your USB disk at the left screen and
click Ok. And it will start caching the memory in your USB drive.


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