Removing/Eliminate Trojan Horse

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Uncategorized


Anti-Trojans are software that are
specially designed to help you detect
and protect yourself from Trojans. They can also detect presence of virus and worms but are specially crafted to remove Trojans from your system.
However no Trojan Remover is 100% effective. Therefore its good to regularly update your anti-Trojan software along with anti-virus and firewall
Following is list of Anti-Trojan Softwares
Trojan◘ Guard
Trojan◘ Hunter
Zone◘ Alarm
Win◘ Patrol
Leak◘ Test
Kerio◘ Personal Firewall
SpyBot◘ Search & Destroy
Anti◘-Trojan Elite
Comodo◘ BOClean
Spyware◘ Doctor
Spyware◘ Fighter
There are several Anti-Trojan software available in market above are the one who have gained popularity in removing Trojans.


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