Common symptoms of getting infected with Trojan horse.

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Uncategorized


Opening♠ and closing of CD/DVD-ROM
Computer♠ screen blinks, turns upside
down, changes resolution.
Wallpaper♠ changes automatically.
Disable♠ of task manager.
Task♠ bar disappears for while.
Unusual♠ messages.
Sudden♠ opening of web pages.
Change♠ in data and time of system.
Right♠ click and left click swaps their
Freezing♠ of mouse and keyboard.
Auto♠ movement of mouse pointer.
Playing♠ of music even though you
haven’t turned on any music player.
Mouse♠ pointer disappears.
Unusual♠ restart and shutdown of PC.
Unwanted♠ software installation.
Disable♠ of Anti-Virus and Firewall.
Change♠ in screen saver.
Disappear♠ of task manager, tray icons,
quick launch, start button and desktop
Fluctuation♠ in screen light intensity
and volume.
Changing♠ of screen savers.
Others♠ receiving emails from you which aren’t sent by you.



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