Posted: September 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

In this post we will discuss IP spoofing. IP stands for internet protocol and is basically a number assigned to your computer when it connects to the internet by your ISP ( Internet Service Provider). Your ISP is the company you get internet through whether it is with your cable or with your phone they are the ones who assign your IP address for internet use. Your IP address is basically an address for your computer similar to your mailing address for your home.
The IP address can be used for many things in the modern world and I would give caution with using it. I
would recommend using a proxy as much as possible regardless of your browsing habits as hackers and other people online like to grab your IP address and use it for attacking your computer, putting viruses on it and a myriad of other reasons. Almost every single website you visit has a log and in that log is a record of the different IP addresses that visit the webpage. With this information they can know where you are located and if it is a law agency they can easily find out who you are and much more personal information about you.
Many people have been contacted by their ISP as a warning for what they were downloading whether it be movies or music. Usually a law enforcement agency will contact your ISP and ask for records and logs of visited websites if they are suspicious of your internet activity. And then depending on whether they want to warn you of press federal charges they will have your ISP warn you or just show up at your door at the wee hours of night or morning.
So knowing that and how our IP address seriously affects our privacy and surgfing habits I would recommend spoofing it on a consistent
level for personal privacy reasons. I do not condone or recommend using it for illegal purposes as you will pay the price eventually. So how do we go about spoofing our IP adress? There are a number of ways to do this so to start the most simple and easy way to do this is by using what is called a CGI proxy.
Basically how a proxy works is instead of asking for a website from our internet service we connect to another internet service and ask them
for the information. Basically the request to visit bobspage.com would be redirected through the proxy server and we would receive the information through them and then instead of directly from our ISP. This is also known as bouncing your IP address.This is how a proxy works and proxy basically means to go through. A CGI proxy means COMMON GATEWAY INTERFACE proxy. It is basically an online website that offers a proxy in such a way that all you need to do is go to the CGI proxy website and type in the website you are trying to access spoofed. A lot of ISP’s have blocks on certain websites and the same goes with school and work computers. With a CGI proxy you go to its page, enter the site that is blocked you want to visit and you will be taken their through their server unblocked


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