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Astr0baby's not so random thoughts _____ rand() % 100;

Here is something very old, but still very cool. Attached are txt files that when saved as com (16bit MS DOS binary executables) will run. Pure magic. It works in DOS, Win9x, Win2k and WinXP SP3. In Windows 7 (32bit) you can only run console apps as the ntvdm.exe wont allow the app to take over VGA.

I have encoded a few text files which can be run in a lab environment (Remember these are unknown ASCII executables after all ! ) Plus I am including the original com2txt ASCII binary and exe2com ASCII binary for further encoding experiments.

So here is how the com2txt looks like : 

Download here and rename to : com2txt.doc

In case you need to convert a 16bit EXE into a COM then you can use the this : exe2com

These programs were not created by me but by some Japanese guy a long…

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