Posted: August 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Her Life Lessons

If you have noticed of late, I caught a small degree of letter-fever and I keep getting these compelling urges to- as outdated as people claim it to be- Write a letter. And naturally, after the most recent happenings (mini calamity if you ask me) in the football world, I couldn’t help having my say in it. And guess who I’m writing this letter to…

Dear Arsenal Players,

I know you must be a bit surprised as to why after what happened I would decide to write to you. I bet you are all thinking that I should have written to Arsene Wenger instead. Well, my most reasonable explanation right now would be, I am still observing my fasting and I wanna go easy on the insults- which is what would have inevitably filled your Manager’s letter.

Everybody seems to be concentrating on the merchandise, the buyer and the transaction…

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