Top 10 smartphones of the world

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

1. Apple iPhone 4S – The king of the smartphone Hill: quick, slick, durable, with a UI and appstore that can’t be beat



2. Samsung Galaxy S3 – A Mighty Phone that’s Powerful, feature packed and very Desirable. The New Android Overlord..



3. HTC ONE X – Stunning Design, Great feel, Amazing screen and Strong Battery. A very close second in Android ranks.



4. Sony Xperia S – Unexciting Design Can’t detract from what is a powerful Android handset with a large screen.

5. Nokia Lumia 900 – This is a beautiful and Accomplished Windows phone handset, but the lack of Storage does irk.

6. HTC ONE S – A Handsome phone with a strong Spec. and decent battery life. Bring out a 32GB version.

7. Motorola Razr Maxx – A Solid handset that will hopefully force other brands to offer “long-life” versions of their phone.

8. Samsung Galaxy S2 – The corking Android combines a Dual core processor and a pixel-perfect AMOLED screen in a Stylish package, but it’s now firmly in S3’s huge shadow.

9. Samsung Galaxy Nexus – The First Android Phone to pack with ICS built in is a powerful and slick Mothertrucker.

10. Motorola Razr – A classy android and reinvention of an icon.




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