Just Saying: Random Thoughts on the state of Kenya

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Kenya legend


There is a curious sense of regretful achievement in Kenya. It permeates all the entire fabric of society like mist at dawn. It is visible on the faces of Nairobians, it is laden in the voices/tones of the peoples of Rift Valley and at the Coast they talk of the good old days in vinegary tones. It is not that the past was that glorious. They talk of the seventies, when the Kenya Bus Services was efficient. The era of abbreviations – K.F.A., K.G.G.C.U., A.F.C., K.P.C.U. – before we went gaga with one-word brand names like Safaricom and Nakumatt. They talk about someone who has faded from memory and say, ‘Oh, that one who made money running down K.M.C.’ and nod approvingly after remembering him. The man who ran the best scam in our country is the current chair of a self-appointed council of elders. I am told his autobiography…

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