Healthy Juices

Posted: June 3, 2012 in Health

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Healthy Juices

· Carrot+ginger+apple  boosts and cleanses our system

· Apple+cucumber+celery  prevent cancer , reduce cholesterol and eliminate stomach upset and headache

· Tomato+ carrot + apple  improve skin complexion and eliminate bad breath

· Bitter gourd + apple + milk void bad breath and reduce internal body heat

· Orange + ginger + cucumberà improve skin texture and moisture and reduces body heat

· Pineapple+ apple + water melon  dispels excess salts ,nourishes bladder and kidney

· Apple + cucumber+ kiwi  improves skin complexion

· Pear+ banana  regulates sugar content

· Carrot + apple + pear + mango  clear body heat , decreased BP and fight oxidation

· Honey dew + grape + water melon + milk  rich in v C and B2 that increases cell activity and strengthen body immunity

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