Pen that down

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

She says it felt like,
Waking up to darkness in daylight,
Every day is a war no date nights,
And she can’t go home; her mom would send her back,
Telling her it’s okay not to fight back,
A man is a man; let him have his way,
And in time you will see it will be okay,
She trying to sleep but the thoughts won’t leave,
Now she is grounded and wondering what this could be,
So she pleads for mercy and hopes to God she can make it through the night,
Hard time still in sight; the road to the future is also bleat,
But from a distance she can hear the God speak, But she wouldn’t cry; you wouldn’t find her on the floor,
That is not what she was made for; Info,
You will fear God no lie; why child, With her head in the cloud she will touch the sky.
He reaches for his pen at a quarter past ten,
Trying to pen down a verse he wrote down last weekend,
But he can’t seems to comprehend the fact that his best friend is gone,
He’s left with only one option,
In the booth he shows no emotion,
It’s his diversion from his pain,
But the rain still pours; it’s an ordinary thing,
But he loves to sing’ sing song of memories filled with melodies,
The thickest canopies can’t hold him down from attaining his destiny,
So ready set go it’s about to blow; the stage is set stroke lights and full glow,
More money more problems,
Now he’s got a pocket full for the two girl friends,
Now he’s got like forty two; he brags to his pals about how he got it made,
Wednesdays at the Bay’ Thursday at the Cayenne,
Sipping on jean; sipping’ smoking on trees,
By the bar for the nice so many things he’d want to be,
But later that night in his bed he shades tears; he has it all but he can’t live past his fears,
Years’ his skeletons pile up; they still come up,
They go get up; they are all a part of him,
This means that they stay with him,
And there is no running away from his self esteem,
**He Prays**
Dear God not tonight not today Lord I pray take me away from this life: I don’t want to fade away; I don’t want to fade away……………………………………………………………


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