Servant-Job experience

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

And the cycle goes again… Typical story of A good man,
Giving God glory. He’s in church every Sunday,bible study at two.
Gives a good off friend pace,pays his tithe in church and he’s a faithful servant.
If there was a church in-appear-award he deserves it,you always finds his hands working.
But is he ready for someway..
It was a Thursday night, April first. He’s sitting there in traffic on his way home from work.
He checks his voice mail it’s his mother;She’s got multiple lumps in her breast and they hurt.
She wants him to pray that it’s not cancerous.
Broke the news to your daddy and he’s taking it the worst;Cause honestly she knew for many years,
But she didn’t want the family to panic over her,
So he prays: “God save her, Lord I know that you are able, I’m lifting up my heart to You in prayer, You’re a Healer You’re the Savior, So save her.
So he goes to call the boo to tell her all that happened and to let her know the news.
It’s looking like it’s 6: 22. She should be whipping up the dinner,got the kiddies from school.
But every time he called it goes straight to her voice mail “just leave your number,And I ‘ll get right back to you”.

He thinks nothing of it and he cruises the rest of the way to trying to clear his mind.
He pulls into the house, He’s so unfocused.
Walks right in he’s wondering “why was the front door wide open? ”
Goes to the living room, There’s two men holding guns to his family’s face: his wife, His youngest and his oldest.
They yelling “get the money, Hit the floor man! ”
He pulls the money out he kneels down and says, “Just go, man! ”
The robber kneels down to get the dough And forgets his fingers on the trigger And he accidentally blows and BANG!!
Jesus, can You even see us? I gave You all of me because I  thought You could protect us, Lead us and direct us.
But you can’t even keep us safe from violence and diseases, I’m really wanting to believe in You, But I need a reason to trust You after this one…
Because You let me down, because;You let me down
Then God says,
I am the Lord your God, There’s majesty and splendor round about Me. It’s very sad, but true, That very often your faith fails you and you doubt Me.
But I’m so sovereign and above, I give you power to believe you’re all in control,
But I’m SUPER!
And I’m set to show Myself so strong in a realm of the living that it  leaves the whole world in a stupor.
And by the way I caused the bullet shot to ricochet right back into the shooter! [Gasps]


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