The Divide (2012)

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Cut The Crap Movie Reviews

0/10 Bottom Dwellers

One of the absolute worst movies I have ever seen.

The Divide is about a group of tenants who hole up in their building’s fallout shelter when a nuclear terrorist attack levels New York City. With nowhere to go until the radioactive dust settles, the rations start depleting and everyone’s true colors start to show. The longer they stay down there, the more unlikely it is that they’ll be rescued, so the survivors start to turn on one another as civility and humanity make way for desperation and madness.

Usually when I watch movies, I tend to kick myself for trying to multitask from the couch instead of giving them my full attention like a good movie blogger should. Multitasking leads to missing a movie’s plot points, a vague sense of investment in characters and story, and in serious cases, swelling of the kidneys and liver…

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