Posted: May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just realised I read alot.Documents,blogs and websites that have anything juicy about Medicine in terms of curative,preventing and promoting health,Computer world from softwares,information technology,good website catch my eyes.
Geekiness creeps in without my knowledge;medicine runs in my blood.Combination of the geekiness and medicine erupt a sweet feeling in the brain.
Sophisticated or complex information are easily integrated into the celebral cortex when geekiness combines with medicine.
Your brain will be like a super harddrive with more than 1024 terabyte of ram;1 terabyte of information going through your system every second.
Networking between the heart,liver,kidney and the brain will be one swift time,Integrated in such a way that any miss-up or errors will be relayed to the brain:the human processor in good time,disease detection and eradication should be precise.
Spyware including viruses,bacteria,fungi,internal worm must be eradicated.Updates in terms of regular visits to the hospital for check-ups & screening;antivirus to screen worms and viruses out of the system.
I should add engineering in my brain so that I can clown a human-computer being #cyborg


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