Open letter to Kenyans

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you are reading this;Congratulations,You are educated,This means you can think critically and creatively make your own decisions.You have the power to control your emotions and resist influence from politicians.
Kenya right now has more problems;floods,scandals that involve alot of tax payers dime.Money looted by the people in high office,money they claim to be campaign money;Eat the campaign money,ofcourse its coming from your own pockets BUT don’t let a politician influence you into violence.Kenya has alot of problems for you or anyone else to add more.
Corruption has deep roots in the society;anyone who tries to cut them down always end up being dragged into them.There is no need of getting this people out of the corrupt roots;just make them pack and leave their offices by voting wisely not widely.
A politician has been in the government for more than 10years and in every term or two years a scandal crops up and his/her name tops the list;why should you get this “thief” back to office again?! You still want more looting,Huh!
Peace and loyalty to thy neighbours,don’t let politicians or scavengers for political offices turn you against your 15 year old neighbour;a neighbour who been there for you in partying and in grief,let no “thief” turn you against each other.
To those seeking votes to be elected;we all know your first year in office will be a time to restore the campaign used.Restore with your salary,No looting.
The dudes/dudettes who want a second term in office should behave;when you lose.Accept the decision of the voters and head down low slow and peacefully;go down with your dignity in place.
Add Peace in all this and development is born…


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