Money vs Life

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Uncategorized


The moment you figure out money is not everything the moment you start living, The more you get the more you want; the more you lose yourself in the process. Yeah, yeah, yeah; people always say that money is everything I say money is a curse in one way or the other. No matter how much you get, you can never gets satisfied; “that’s enough” will be extinct vocabularies.

Riches come with status which comes with fame; with fame there’s no privacy, your life will always want to be made an open book. Publicity comes with a price; the media either makes you or breaks you. Fame makes you lose focus, when it start to disappear, too sweet to let go; dramas and scandals staged to keep the sweetness coming. Sometimes the scandals turn fatal; outrageous measures put in place, bend by the pressure; you go down to your own making.

You will spend sleepless nights trying to come up with ways of making more; that’s why there’s no one who sleeps better than a poor man. Sleeping with one eye closed and both ears keen on what is happening around your environs is a riches’ personality. Everyone who tries to get close appears to be after your “chums” when you die, they will  never let to rest in peace; people left behind will be fighting over your corpse and all that comes with it. The fights won’t be hidden; all your dirty laundry will be hanged in the open for all to see; dead you thought; not even close. Oh! Don’t forget the families that will crop up claiming a piece of your cake; going to an extend to want to get a piece of your lifeless piece for a DNA test just to drive the point home. Well you now dead; the living decide your fate: the courts.

Sometimes the most trusted forge and sell your assets for a fortune which unfortunately goes to their potbellies, your family left out high and dry; it’s everyone for himself/herself and God for us all.

Facts about life,Take it or leave it.




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