Paid my dues

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

(R) is for Reasons I kept you close.

(Y) is for years that are gone.

(A) always on the grind.

(N) is for never forgetting


(D) is for dreams that were shuttered.

(A) Is for the admiration,aspirational new aims that keep me going

(V) Is for so very important friends

(I) is for I paid my dues to be here

(S) Is for sacrifices I had to make


Am still right here,

Cause I paid my dues to be here, 


(R) Is for Ryan in me,

(Y) Is for yesterday,so gone yet still here.

(A) Is for my abilities

(N) Is for new rules I have to make,


(D) Is for days it will take to decrypt this code

(A) Is for the algorithmic nature of words

(V) Is for the vengence impounded by life but

(I) Is the irresistable love being spread around,

(S) Is that I’m standing right here ready to get some..


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