Can’t wait…

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

If I was a flight you would be my destination,
I’m coming to you I don’t need an invitation,
If you were a doctor then I would be your patient,
Teach me how to love I need a cardio-operation,
I would be your getaway if you would be the driver,
I’ll get in the car and commit the perfect crime,
I could steal your heart you could steal mine,
And if we get caught then baby I’ll do all the time,

If I was a mirror baby you’d be the reflection,
Watch you all the time you’re the vision of perfection,
I would be the answer you would be the question,
Show you how it’s done cause baby I don’t need directions,
Never get enough I’ll develop a condition,

I can’t leave your side girl you know you’re my addiction,
So if there is a cure baby I don’t won’t to find it,
And I won’t go to rehab you got me in whining,
Girl when you’re closing your eyes girl what you think about,
Baby when you’re sleeping at night you will be thinking about Me and you,.


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