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Darm!!! Jst seen a Black Range Rover Sport>#BreathTaking


If u want 2smash ur 4n in an involuntary reflex action,Its easy>Slide either an Orange or Yu sim-card on ur 4n,.Try to browse the net*Bang*

Iphone 4S;i0s5,The dual-core A5 chip wth 2 processors,the 8MP
camera with all-new optics,
1080p HD video recording,Add Siri-voice control =p

*Adds another reminder*#Nw Highlights of the weekend EPL matches at S3>Hope Kplc behaves on #Mondays

Darm! #Nw GBS>all abt Devices and applications,Just a way of chasing away Mönday blues *Adds Reminder,Every #Mon*

Kplc just had to remind me 2day ws #Mönday *Groans* Everyday!! Ama the dude on ths wing is high on cheap crack>Nvr fail to Impress I see,Nkt!

#CrazyMonday coming in the next 15-20mins wen #0bako moves with the crowd out of Consolata>Watu wa Westi,Woie#Disaster!